Sunday, October 23, 2016

Enduring Well

Hello, everyone! I hope and pray that you are all having wonderful spiritual experiences, writing them down, and remembering the Lord's hand is in all things. :)

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For the past 7 or so weeks, I've been feeling pretty sick. I've felt sustained by the Lord, for sure, but I have also felt quite weighed down at times with the physical/emotional burden. Being sick has given me a lot of opportunity to reflect and to listen to General Conference talks. I've listened to a few particular talks from Elder Neal A. Maxwell, and as a recurring theme in my studies and in listening to conference, I've learned a lot about the principle of endurance. In Liberty Jail, the Prophet Joseph Smith received a promise that all his trials and afflictions will be for but a small moment alongside the promise that if he "endure(s) it well, God shall exalt [him] on high." I've thought a lot about what it means just to endure, endure to the end, and to endure well. Time and time again, the scriptures promise us that the ultimate reward for endurance is eternal life with God, the Father, and Jesus Christ, the Son. I've learned a lot about the different kinds of endurance this week, however. Often, we think of enduring as taking on life's challenges as they come, each new event bringing with it a new solution and a new triumph. But, as Elder Maxwell reminds us, enduring is not just a "promise to go to a Nineva, but also a pledge to stay at our present post." The people of Alma the elder understood their submission their reliance on God, and that helped them to be able to endure all manner of afflictions, to hush their fears, and to feel their loads lightened as they depended on the Savior, whose yoke is easy and whose burden is light. Part of the enduring I've been learning about is more of the latter described by Elder Maxwell. Although I do not understand all the reasons why I've been sick for so long, or what exactly the Lord's purposes are for me, I have pledged to come here, and I have pledged to stay at my present post, doing all that is within my power to help Him in His work. Sometimes, that means being still to conserve energy for other appointments. Sometimes that means stepping beyond my comfort zone and stretching myself to do at least a little bit of His work. Either way, I've seen His hand in it, and I know that I am in His watchful care. I know that the Savior endured all things, and that if I, and we all, rely on Him, then we, too, can endure all things. I know He lives. I know He loves us. I know He is with us.

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I hope and pray that you can feel His love. :) Have a wonderful week! :) 

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