Sunday, October 9, 2016

Meet Elder Doan! :)

Hello again! Another week, many much more adventures! We got to watch Conference this week (it was amazing!!) and I got to meet my new companion, Elder Doan! :)

Elder Doan is from Vietnam and is an excellent Elder! His English is great because he lived in America for a few years, and even attended BYU. His missionary attitude and skill is also great becuase he served a "mini-mission" in Vietnam for a whole transfer! He's already helping me a lot with my Vietnamese, and I've been able to see first hand how goldens truly bring miracles. We've had an incredible week. Although it was full of meetings, Conference, and getting our bearings, Elder Doan's willingness to go out, work, and talk with people about the restored gospel helped us meet 5 new investigators! One of his first experiences GQ-ing led us to a home of 4 people who are willing to learn more about the Savior and the Restored Gospel. He's hard working, diligent, and willing to learn and improve!

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What struck me in particular about this General Conference was the sheer amount of talks focused around the Doctrine of Christ, or one specific aspect of it (particularly repentance). It seemed that one talk after another just emphasized the 5 steps that our Savior has given us to become more like Him, cleansed from sin, and all that our Heavenly wants us to become. I'm grateful for the wonderful ways that the apostles and leaders of the church reminded us to pray and repent with real intent. I'm so grateful for the reminders that I have in my life to apply the Doctrine of Christ in my daily life and in my missionary work. I know that by following the Doctrine of Christ- Faith, Repentance, Baptism/ Covenants, the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End- is truly the pattern of living that will bring us the most happiness not just in this life, but also in the life to come. Heavenly Father has inspired His messengers to teach us about these things that we may have Eternal life and live with Him again. I pray that we can all review and re-commit to the wonderful things we have learned and felt this General Conference, organized and orchestrated by our loving Savior, Jesus Christ.

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I hope you all have a wonderful week and can see the hand of Christ in your lives! I love you!! :)

Ps. I tried to give myself a haircut on Monday... it's not too bad, right? :) 

Concerning my health:
This week was one of the most rewarding weeks of my mission in terms of building confidence and testimony! That being said, this week was also probably one of the most stressful on my mission. I put a lot of pressure on myself to help Elder Doan love missionary life and work. Fortunately, the Lord has blessed us both to be able to have a good week and to enjoy all aspects of missionary life as well! The stress is a little daunting at times, but I've been able to rely on the Lord and apply the messages in the scriptures and in General Conference a lot this past week, and it's been one of the most rewarding weeks on my mission as well. My sickness, unfortunately, isn't much better, but thanks to priesthood blessings, fervent prayers, and the Lord's mercy, I haven't been incapacitated this week, so I've been able to show Elder Doan golden mornings, being on time for appointments (including finding appointments) and giving my all to work. My cold has gotten a bit worse, and my stomach isn't much better, but we're going to see the specialist on Wednesday, so I pray that all will be well then.

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