Monday, September 5, 2016

Praying Rests the Weary

Hello, everyone! I pray that you've had a good week and that this next week will be looking even better! :) 

This week was comprised of a lot of sweet experiences in prayer. As part of district meeting, there were a lot of good trainings and lessons from the district, and I was able to lead a discussion/roleplay of revelation through prayer. Although I wasn't too sure how it would pan out, I tried an activity that I thought might be able to demonstrate how to teach investigators how to pray in a way that they can expect to receive answers. Because of the guidance of the Spirit, the Spirit flooded the room, and I learned a lot about the nature of prayer and asking for things from our Heavenly Father. The more specific and direct the question, the more specifically and directly He can answer us. I not only learned more about how to teach prayer, but also how to improve my own personal prayers. Being able to apply that and to help investigators speak more openly and candidly with our Father in Heaven is helping me to develop a greater relationship with Him as well.

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I've been able to testify to a few people this week the power of prayer. Particularly, I got to share with a less-active member something that strengthened my love for prayer. I realized that in my life, when I have struggles or I'm unhappy, my prayers are usually not very good. It's when I start to have more meaningful, heartfelt prayer that I begin to see improvements and the Spirit can start to work with me. This less-active member had not been praying in previous meetings, and we were a little skeptical about whether he was praying on his own or not. However, after the lesson with him on prayer and being able to testify to him, he committed to redouble his efforts to have meaningful prayer, and he ended the lesson with a good prayer, too!

I'm very grateful for the opportunity to be taught by the Master Teacher. I'm grateful for the chance to be able to talk to Him any time, any where. I know that He loves us. I know that He listens to us and wants us to help us. I know that we can come to him with specific requests, questions, etc. and that He will answer us. Prayer can take a lot of work, as we learn from Enos, but it is always more than worth it.

I'm looking forward to another good week. We have some good potentials we're working with, and the primary child is progressing quite well (she doesn't think there will be any sharks in the baptismal font anymore)! We're excited to continue to work with her and to help other people come unto Christ. I know that He is preparing people all around us and giving us each a chance to share in this great work with Him.

I love you all! Have a fantastic week and look for the miracles! :)

Elder Erekson
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Ps. We had adventures making American Kool-Aid in Australia thanks to an awesome ward mission leader! :)

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