Monday, September 19, 2016

New Week, New People, Same Sick... New Blessings!

Hello, everyone! I pray that you are all well, happy, and abounding in the grace given us by our Lord, Christ. :)

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We had a really productive week as far as meeting with people goes. We were able to catch up with one of our old investigators and help her really progress more towards baptism. She has received many of the lessons, and I've really seen how it's given her greater peace and direction in her life. Unfortunately, there are still some concerns and stressors going on in her life that are beyond our control, but I know that by teaching her how to find her answers and strength from God is the best way that she can face her challenges and be prepared for whatever comes. The members have been absolutely wonderful with her, and this week, we really focused on helping her have concrete fellowship and connections with the ward. Certainly, she is remembered and numbered among the people of Springvale ward although she has not yet been baptized. I'm very grateful for their loving fellowship and reaching out to her. Likewise, I'm grateful to God for the privilege and opportunity to help her come unto Christ. She's expressed her gratitude to us missionaries, but both me and my companion acknowledge that every positive thing has been a result of her interactions with the Spirit and allowing the Atonement to come into her life.

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My hair did interesting things this week, but I think it looks alright.

We've also been able to meet with a couple of new people! One new person is a Vietnamese international student who enjoyed hearing the message about the Restoration, and agreed that if it were true, it's one of the best things he's ever heard or could know about! He will be praying to receive his own witness of the truth. Likewise, we met with a man from Chile, who, although he was raised somewhat Christian, was very curious as to how our church viewed certain things. As we were able to explain the history of Apostasy and Restoration, I know that he felt the Spirit touch his heart. I pray that as he continues to learn, greater resolve and commitment will come from this brother. The investigator who is 9 years old is still doing very well, but she needs some help with what we call "Prayer self reliance." She knows that Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father "came from the sky" to Joseph Smith, but she still needs help to know what to say when she prays. Elder Marshall and I have a fun activity planned for this week to be able to help her with that more. 

Unfortunately, I've still been feeling pretty sick this week. I started to feel a lot better last weekend, but it hit me again hard this past Thursday. Fortunately, though, this time it's been less daunting, and we've been able to get a lot more work done than last week. I'm grateful for a loving Father in Heaven who watches out for His children and gives his sick missionaries the portion of the Spirit to be able to sustain them as they teach and testify of His Son. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer, and therefore this great work that we are in, His work, is the greatest work that I can be a part of at this time in my life. I'm grateful for the opportunity to stretch and to grow and to meet all of His wonderful children to help them and bless their lives even more.

I hope that you have a wonderful week and can see the blessings in the midst of trials and adversity. Remember, God doesn't give us anything that we cannot handle (1 Cor. 10:13, or thereabouts. :) ) He loves you. I pray that you may feel that. Have a wonderful week! Love you! :)

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