Sunday, July 17, 2016

Referrals Are Fantastic!

Hello, everyone! This week was a pretty busy week full of transfers, meetings, interviews, and a few good teaching appointments. I hope that your week has likewise been pretty great. :)
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Colorful flashcards made out of sticky-notes! :) 

This week we got to have zone interviews with President Vidmar. It was wonderful to have some personal time with both President and Sister Vidmar and to find out more about their lives. It turns out, they live really close to Disneyland and go there frequently! It was pretty fun to be able to connect with them on that, and they're both wonderfully dedicated to the gospel. Interviews always go too fast, but it was nice to have the time that I did with them. :) 

Throughout the rest of the week, we actually had a miracle of a lesson with a referral! We received a referral for someone who had requested a copy of the Book of Mormon, and when we called to schedule an appointment with her, she told us that she was interested in having missionaries come to visit because she had a few questions for us. We were a little wary, because sometimes when people want to ask missionaries questions, it's not always with the purest intent. We prepared with some of the frequent FAQs, and we wen to the appointment, ready to talk about the Word of Wisdom, temples, and teach the Restoration, etc. When we got there, her first question was as we expected; she wanted to know why we could drink coffee. We explained about prophets and revelation, and she was very accepting. We thought we were pretty ready for her next round of questions, and we were pleasantly surprised! Her next questions was "Am I allowed to just come to your church, or do I have to be a member first? May I come to your church?" We hadn't really prepared for a question like that. Her subsequent questions were all genuine inquiries about how she could learn more of the gospel and participate in the worship services we had. It was a really pleasant lesson, and she will be coming next week if she's still in good health. I'm grateful for Heavenly Father and His work to prepare people to hear the message of the restored Gospel every single day.

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The rest of the week comprised mostly of meetings and an exchange with the zone leaders. It was very fun to be able to learn from them and to find ways that I can improve. :)

I'd like to leave with my testimony of Jesus Christ; He truly is the Savior of the world, and He is also our Savior to each of us individually. By means we can only try to comprehend, He came to earth to live a perfect life, pay the price for our Sins, and emerge victorious from the grave. He is the head of this church, His church, and He guides us and prepares people in our path to help us return to Him. Of Him I bear witness, even in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 

I hope you have a great week! I love you! :)

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