Sunday, July 10, 2016

Given the chance to know Christ

Hello, everyone! Another week means more miracles, experiences, and great opportunities to come and know Jesus Christ! Tansfers just came, and I'm staying in my same area with my same companion, and I'm really excited to get more things rolling around here. The Lord is with us, and we can do all things through Him. :)

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1 Year as a missionary means celebratory Pho! :) It was very good.

This week, we met with some great investigators who were introduced to us by members of the ward. They are excellent and excited to learn more! Although they had a lot of questions about some of the things we explained, they did express how they like the message that God is our Father and continually reaches out to His children to bless them and guide them. Elder Roberts and I are very excited to keep working with them and doing things to help them develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

I've focused a lot this week on striving to have the Spirit to be with me more, especially during finding. When talking with new people and new contacts, I want to have a greater emphasis on helping them feel the spirit as they make a choice and use their agency to meet with us and learn more. As I've sought this through prayer, I've been able to have several great conversations with people. Unfortunately, one such conversation did not lead to a man accepting to read the Book of Mormon to come closer to Jesus Christ, and I felt pretty bad that he refused our invitations. I know that it is through reading the scriptures and hearing the words of His servants, the prophets, that we can come to know Him. As we do His will and strive to live the way He has taught us to, we become more like Him and our joy becomes more full.

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Exchanges with Elder Finau!

I'm grateful for the scriptures and the latter-day revelation that helps us to know Jesus Christ and His true character more. I'm so grateful for the chance to share those things with the people here and to strive to help them come unto Christ by doing the things that we know can help them in their lives.

I know that Jesus is the Christ, and that this church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, truly is His church on the earth today. I know that He reaches our reaching and sends us the Holy Ghost to guide us. I'm so grateful for the abundant gifts that our Heavenly Father gives us. :) What gifts have you seen in your lives lately? I know that the scriptures are true, and that Jesus is the way to eternal exaltation and happiness. I so testify in His name, even that of Jesus Christ, amen.

I love you all! I hope you have a great week! :) 

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