Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sick Days & The Book of Mormon

Hello, everyone! Once again, I pray that you have had an amazing week and will continue to do so for this upcoming week. :) Down under, this week was a little different and kind of sad, but it had its up moments as well!

First and foremost, I was able to finish the Book of Mormon again! I loved being able to reapply Moroni's promise after reading cover to cover. I was particular struck by the preface to his promise, wherein he exhorts us to ponder in our hearts how merciful God has been from the beginning, even from the creation of Adam down to this time, to His children. I thought a lot about how merciful He's been to just me alone, and I was filled with gratitude and the spirit. I can only begin to imagine the great tender mercies that I don't notice, for myself and for others. I'm very grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who continues to help us every day in great and little ways. :)

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As far as teaching and finding goes this week, we didn't have a lot of opportunity because my companion had to go to the doctors to figure some things out with food poisoning. Everything's fine now, and two blessings later, he says that he's feeling great! We just have to do a few follow-up visits to make sure that everything is still kosher for him. Fortunately, we were blessed to go to the temple this week and we got to see many of our investigators. They have all come such a long way, and I just hope that we can help them make that extra step and commitment to baptism. :) 

I'm grateful to be serving as a missionary and to know that the Lord is aware of me. I promise that He is also aware of you and He loves you. To feel that for yourself, I exhort you to pray, study from His written word and the words of His servants, and to sincerely seek a deep, lasting relationship with Him. I know that as you do, He will show Himself to you in profound and unforeseen ways. I know the church is true, and I love it too! Have a great week! :) 
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P.s We were drawing pandas yesterday as a flat. This one's mine! :) 

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