Sunday, April 3, 2016

Phiên dịch và Sự Chuộc Tội

Hello, everyone! I love you all so much! This week was a great week. A busy week, for sure. We've been working hard to find new people to teach, help the people we're currently teaching, and just finding more joy on the mission.

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Yesterday, I had two great opportunities to practice my Vietnamese and feel power from the Holy Ghost. I got to translate from English to Vietnamese during sacrament meeting for the ward (similar to the way they translate General Conference, in real time), and I also could teach the gospel principles class in Vietnamese about the Atonement. Both were really humbling experiences, but they were also really positive. I was able to feel the spirit of the Lord work through me as I attempted to translate and testify about the Savior to the Vietnamese people whom I've really grown to love. 

Elder Mahendran and I are feeling really hopeful about the future. This week was a little hard because both of us got sick during one time or another, and we only got to meet with a few of our investigators, but for sure, miracles have been happening to us and around us. We have one new investigator about whom we are particularly excited! She's really eager to learn and to join, and she came out of nowhere! Heavenly Father is truly helping us in our difficulties as we keep on trying.

I'm really excited to be able to watch General Conference next week. A recent convert we're working with insists that the Anh Cảs ( Viet Elders) have to go to the Vietnamese translation sessions, and I think I'd actually like to try it out for a time. It'll probably really put a lot of weight on my brain listening to Vietnamese for two straight hours, but I'm sure it will be a blessing as well.

I know that the Savior lives. I know that He influences our lives in unseen ways and in very apparent, very powerful ways. I know that He loves each and every one of us, and I hope to be able to help others seek and feel that great love. I'm so grateful for His Atoning sacrifice, and even more so for His great Atoning triumph. I love you all! Have a fantastic week! :)

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Ps. I got a hangman game for Christmas. It's fun to spell things. :) 

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