Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Baptism Of Water and Also Of... Milk?

Hello everyone! I hope you had a fantastic week, and that you've been able to see and feel the Lord's influence in your lives. :) The Lord truly does reach out to us, and if we listen and seek Him, we will find many surprising ways that He helps us in our day to day work.

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This week, I made this for my wall of pictures. :) I like it, and it reminds me more of the Savior's life. I also just really love sticky notes. :)

We definitely had some great success in trying to make our lessons more spiritual with our investigators. We focused more on them and their previous experiences, linking what they already know to the truth and fullness of the gospel. As a result, I was able to feel the spirit of the Lord speak through me to say what they needed to hear just so that they could understand. However, I've learned this week that just because we follow spiritual promptings, doesn't mean we do everything perfectly, but it does always work out. :) To explain further, I have two experiences from this week.

The first experience is when we were in the city, trying to talk to everyone and find new people to introduce the restored gospel. After walking around a while, we finally decided on a place to go that would probably have a good concentration of people. As we were walking to that place, we passed by someone sitting alone in front of the library. I felt that I should talk with him. We passed by, and I felt bad for not following the prompting, so the Holy Ghost impressed me again to talk with him. I decided to listen this time, so I turned around and had a conversation with someone who I had assumed to be Chinese. Turns out, he's Vietnamese and very impressed with the little Vietnamese I spoke with him. He agreed to meet again sometime this week, and I had a huge confidence boost because I obeyed and because of his compliments. :) 

The other experience is a bit more humorous... during a lesson, I was hoping to connect with an investigator who has somewhat of a catholic background. We were reviewing the gift of the Holy Ghost, and I felt impressed to specify that the Holy Ghost provides the Baptism by fire as mentioned by Jesus Christ. As I started to speak in Vietnamese, however, I said that Jesus Christ told us that we need to be baptized by water and by milk. Milk (Sữa) and Fire (Lửa) are kind of similar in Vietnamese, but not really, so it was just a goof on my part. :) Fortunately, it was just what the teaching situation needed to lighten the mood, and after laughing, I felt like we were closer to them on a personal level because it was more of a discussion and less of a lecture. :) 

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I'm grateful for the promptings of the spirit which lead me to know what I need to do and say, and although I'm not always perfect at following them, I know that as I try, He will never lead me astray. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer, and He is just waiting for us to turn to Him so that He can offer us so much more help than He already does. I share this in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 

I love you all! I hope you have a fantastic week! :) 

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Monday, April 18, 2016

April 17th

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Hello, again! I love you, and I hope that you're doing well! It's been another great week down under (although I've also been feeling a little under the weather...) and I'm excited to be able to talk with you all again! :)

This week, we had a plethora of miracles that really helped reaffirm to me the importance of the Book of Mormon in helping people (including myself) become truly converted to the Doctrine of Christ. Over the past week, we've introduced the Book of Mormon to several investigators, and we've had multiple lessons where all we did was read from the Book of Mormon and discuss the chapter or the principles taught from it.

A particularly poignant experienced happened just yesterday in a lesson before church. One of our sweet investigators came and started the lesson by asking if she could share some of her favourite scriptures with us. Keep in mind, we introduced her to the Book of Mormon just one week prior. She read passages from 2 Nephi 4 and Mosiah with soul, feeling, and really bearing her testimony by the way she expressed the words. She loves Jesus Christ because of the great wisdom contained in the Book of Mormon. What a blessing. She awoke me to how much I love the Book of Mormon, and how I really need to value it in my life more. We spent the rest of the lesson looking up scriptures that explained the five principles from lesson 3, and it was an edifying experience for us all. When I read aloud some of the verses that teach me more about faith, repentance, etc. I could feel the joy and the love that I had for the scriptures, prophets, and Jesus Christ again in full swing. I'm so grateful for the Book of Mormon, and for our loving Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ who gave it to us that we may know Them. :) 

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Other than that, this week has been full of reflection as we are coming into a new transfer. Elder Mahendran and I are hoping to do things differently so that we can help more people feel that the gospel is true in our lessons instead of just focusing on the factual content. I bless that the Lord will guide is in His work. Will you please pray for us to be guided in our efforts as well? :)

The conference Ensign is coming up soon, and I'm excited to continue to study the General Conference addresses! :) I hope you have a fantastic week,and remember that God and Jesus Christ are reaching out to you, always. :) I love you! :) 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

General Conference Week and vui-ness

Hello, everyone! I hope you all had a stellar week! I know that a lot of the rest of the world had General Conference last week, but I was blessed to be able to watch it this week! I got to see a little on Monday, a little on Wednesday at Zone Interviews, and then I got to see the whole conference on Saturday and Sunday!

General Conference was absolutely stunning. I am so grateful to have been able to watch it and partake of the sweet spirit that was ever present in those sessions. Although I experienced them via broadcast, I could definitely still feel the sanctity and the power of the meetings. I'm grateful for the Lord's servants and how they so worthily and so willingly represent Him to give us the counsel that we need.

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(We went to a planetarium on P-Day, and they had a cool museum. :) )
I had the joyous opportunity (and choice) to watch the Saturday sessions in Vietnamese! I was able to understand a good deal of it, and hopefully get the main ideas out of it, but it certainly had a different feel for me. Elder Vo reminded me about how the spirit will speak to us in the language of our hearts, and I know that it is true, but I want to work towards making Vietnamese a language of my heart as well. I feel like doing so will really make me love the people more, and I'll be able to help them more through the Spirit of love and Charity.

We also had a lot of good lessons this week, and because of conference, our investigators could come to church! Over the past transfer, we haven't had anyone come to church on Sunday. That is until yesterday, where 3 people came to church and got to feel the special spirit of conference! I hope that they had a positive, edifying experience just like I did.

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I'm so grateful for the simple and precious gospel of Jesus Christ. Time and again, our leaders remind us of the simple and profound truths that Jesus Christ has taught us and has revealed to us through His chosen messengers. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God. I love him, and I sustain him. I'm so glad that we can be a world-wide church because it truly is a church based in heaven. I know that God speaks to us today, and if we will listen, He will speak to our hearts and our minds the things we can do to receive a fullness of joy. 

I love you all, and I hope you have a fantastic week! :)  

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Phiên dịch và Sự Chuộc Tội

Hello, everyone! I love you all so much! This week was a great week. A busy week, for sure. We've been working hard to find new people to teach, help the people we're currently teaching, and just finding more joy on the mission.

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Yesterday, I had two great opportunities to practice my Vietnamese and feel power from the Holy Ghost. I got to translate from English to Vietnamese during sacrament meeting for the ward (similar to the way they translate General Conference, in real time), and I also could teach the gospel principles class in Vietnamese about the Atonement. Both were really humbling experiences, but they were also really positive. I was able to feel the spirit of the Lord work through me as I attempted to translate and testify about the Savior to the Vietnamese people whom I've really grown to love. 

Elder Mahendran and I are feeling really hopeful about the future. This week was a little hard because both of us got sick during one time or another, and we only got to meet with a few of our investigators, but for sure, miracles have been happening to us and around us. We have one new investigator about whom we are particularly excited! She's really eager to learn and to join, and she came out of nowhere! Heavenly Father is truly helping us in our difficulties as we keep on trying.

I'm really excited to be able to watch General Conference next week. A recent convert we're working with insists that the Anh Cảs ( Viet Elders) have to go to the Vietnamese translation sessions, and I think I'd actually like to try it out for a time. It'll probably really put a lot of weight on my brain listening to Vietnamese for two straight hours, but I'm sure it will be a blessing as well.

I know that the Savior lives. I know that He influences our lives in unseen ways and in very apparent, very powerful ways. I know that He loves each and every one of us, and I hope to be able to help others seek and feel that great love. I'm so grateful for His Atoning sacrifice, and even more so for His great Atoning triumph. I love you all! Have a fantastic week! :)

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Ps. I got a hangman game for Christmas. It's fun to spell things. :)