Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wolly the Adopted Vietnamese Wombat

Hello, everyone! I love you! This week was a fantastic week, full of crazy things and wonderful surprises, as well as miracles that have helped shape me into a better disciple of Jesus Christ.

To start off with, last week, I was given a stuffed wombat from a less active. She was just showing us around her house, showing off her collections of various things, and out of the blue, she gave me this wombat! Isn't he cute? I also made him a little Vietnamese hat so that he can feel right at home in the Vietnamese program. I think he is a great mascot for the area.

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This week, I got to go on exchanges with Elder Marshall, my original MTC companion. I haven't been able to see him around much for about 4 or 5 months because of the different areas, so it was interesting to work with him again. We've really changed so much, and it was fascinating to see how the differences that our missions are making for us. We worked with more unity than even in the MTC although we've been separated for so long. He's a good missionary, and I'm glad to be able to serve with him and serve in the district/ward with him.,

This week, we've really made a bigger push to work with members and recent converts as per direction of our Area Presidency and Mission president. We've been working with a recent convert to help him invite people whom he knows to hear about the gospel, and to prayerfully prepare to share it with them/invite them. As a result, I've felt closer to him and even his friends whom I haven't met before. I have a stronger testimony about the power of praying for people by name, specifically asking Heavenly Father to bless them according to the needs that I'm aware of. If nothing else, it really develops my charity for others and my desire to serve them and help them. It's been exciting to develop and feel that this week.

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I've been blessed this week to really see and feel my progress as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Although I am far from perfect, I'm seeing that as I make little changes in my day-to-day routines to be more deliberate and more aware of God, I am in turn more aware of myself and what I need to do and be to reach my full potential. I'm grateful for the chance to share this message with everyone that I can, especially the Vietnamese people for whom I'm developing a greater and greater love.

I hope you've all had the chance to see the new Easter videos from the church! They're fantastic. I quite enjoy them, anyway, and I know that they are inspired by the brethren to help move His great work forward. May you find peace and light this week as you seek it from the Lord. I love you all, and I'm praying for you! Thank you for all that you have done, do, and will do for me! I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior, that He loves us very much, and that He conquered death and sin so that, through Him, we can too.

Have a great week! :)

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