Monday, November 30, 2015

Xe hơi - Footscray Week 12: Thanksgiving, Birthdays, and Driving in Australia!

Vietnamese Word of the week: Xe hơi (say hoi) as in "car" as in "The Lord protected me as I drive a car for the first time in Australia." :)

Scripture of the week: Alma 44:3 - Moroni knows that his victory was not because of his "great stature," his military cunning, or the strength of his troops; it was because of his religion. I hope we can all take into consideration the victories that come in our lives because we are choosing to be disciples of Jesus Christ. :)

What a week, what a week. It's been a crazy last week for training for me, and so much has happened! The Lord has really helped me get through this week as I've had headaches and have just been really tired.

On Thursday, we had a really great Thanksgiving feast at the branch in the city. We walked in to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing American Hymns with the smell of turkey, pie, and mashed potatoes, and I almost forgot that we were in Australia, celebrating an American holiday the day before the Americans were. :) It was really excellent and really filling. The branch takes good care of us.

I also had a pretty good birthday. Of course, it was missionary work as usual with not a lot of different things, but it was good nonetheless. I had several missionaries surprise me with calls and flash mobs of "Happy Birthday to You!" and some nice gifts from members and recent converts. :) I feel so lucky and blessed to serve here.

On Saturday, I had my first experience driving on the left side of the road. We went on exchanges, but as it turned out, I had to drive for our companionship in Fairfield! It was a really nerve-wracking experience full of prayers of safety and hope, but through Heavenly Father's great mercy, we survived. :) Fortunately, I probably won't have to do it again for a long while. It was pretty stressful driving around with foreign laws on the other side of the road.

Transfers are coming up, and I'm kind of leaving, kind of not really. I'm staying in Sunshine area, but Elder Roberts will be my new companion! We've both just finished training, so it'll be a bit hard, but we can do it if we rely on the Lord to help us. I'm looking forward to another week of faith, work, and Vietnamese! Tonight, we have a special Vietnamese Thanksgiving planned, and I'm making the mashed potatoes (thank you, dad, for teaching me how to make them!)

Until next week, the church is true, the Book of Mormon's blue, I must go now, but I love you! :)

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