Sunday, November 8, 2015

cái khiên - Footscray Week 9: The Life of the Savior and temple work!

Scripture of the week: Luke 13:11-13 -> I know what it feels like to be someone who can in no wise lift up themselves, and I bear witness that the Savior's loving arms, outstretched to us all, can immediately make us straight. :)

Vietnamese Word of the Week: cái khiên (Cai Kee-ayn) as in Shield, like taking the "shield of faith" in defense of the Kingdom of God. :) I gave a talk this week at a devotional about that, so that's how it's relevant. Plus, it's always relevant. :)

This week has been a roller coaster of positive spiritual experiences and nerve-wracking, stressful situations, but, through the grace of God, I've made it through, and I feel that I'm even better than I was last week. I'm back inFootscray now, among my Vietnamese brethren and people, and I'm really grateful for that!
We really wanted to stress teaching recent converts the life of Jesus Christ this week. Our central purpose as missionaries is to bring others to come to know, have faith in, and love Jesus Christ. We should some of our recent converts the bible videos, giving a brief, simple overview of the Savior's life and teachings. Those lessons were among the most powerful I've ever been a part of on my mission. I will admit, tears were shed as we all, together, learned more about the extent of the Savior's love and sacrifice for us on an individual level. What a blessing to share that with everyone. :)

We had the opportunity to go to the Melbourne temple to assist the branch with baptisms! It was such a great experience, and my testimony of the temple has really grown although I haven't been able to go for a little bit. It's such a blessing to go there and participate in eternal ordinances!
I know that the gospel is true, that Jesus Christ lives and is our Savior, Redeemer, and Friend. As we rely on Him and seek spiritual experiences through the temple, the Book of Mormon, church, and prayer, we will draw nearer to Him and become more who we need to be. I invite you to seek out those experiences and to work toward making the ones that you already have more powerful through diligent study and pondering. I love you all! Until next week! :)

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