Monday, September 14, 2015

Lễ Tiệc Thánh - Footscray Week 1 - Land Down Under!

Vietnamese word of the week:Lễ Tiệc Thánh As in "The sacrament" like in "The sacrament is such an important part of the week."
Hello! :) I'm finally here in Australia, serving my mission as a good and proper missionary! So much has happened, and I have so little time, so I need to be quick. Essentially, I'm so happy and so glad to be serving the Lord! The plane was long, but it was enjoyable. :) Day 1, I taught my first lesson. It was preparing someone to answer the baptismal interview questions, so it wasn't too intense, but I loved being able to experience that! :) I'm truly beginning to love the Vietnamese people more! Everyone I've met, I just have an instant love for and desire to serve them and help them come unto Christ. :)
I bear my testimony that the Sacrament is an essential ordinance and is one of the best parts of the week. :) I'm sorry that I'm always running out of time, but please, take time this week to prepare yourself to take the sacrament; ponder a scripture, a hymn, etc. Think about the Savior. :) I love you! :)
New Zealand Airport! First time out of the country!

My new desk- Personal study for the next 12 weeks!

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