Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Kie^m Nha^n - MTC Week 6: Hosting, baby scriptures, and Melbourne TRC!

Vietnamese word of the week: (Without tones/characters because they cut me off of google translate. :( ) Kie^m Nha^n. (Kee-em ny-uhn) As in "Patience" as in "Bear with patience thy cross of grief or pain.

It's been another week at the MTC, and I'm starting to understand why a lot of the languages leave around this time. It feels like it's time for me to go out in the field and start doing things! Unfortunately, I still have 3 more weeks here. Fortunately, I have 3 more weeks to prepare to go out and serve! One has to stay positive out here. :)

On Wednesday, my district got to host new missionaries! What's hosting new missionaries? That's when you get the chance to be the missionary that carries all the bags after you get dropped off at the MTC. I got to see Elder Merrell and Elder Torres, and those were some great blessings! I got to host Elder Torres, but I missed Elder Merrell by like two minutes. I'm still grateful that I got to see him, though!

I got some new scriptures! They're adorable and little and I enjoy reading from them so much! Ah! I started the Old Testament and restarted the Book of Mormon this week. It's been awesome. :)

TRC was awesome this week! It was one of the sister's last weeks down here for the summer, so we had to say goodbye. :( We got to teach her about the temple though, and it was a great, spiritual experience! The first picture is all of us at TRC and the second one is just the Melbourne missionaries! (Past, present, and Sister Thu was baptized in Melbourne).

This week, I've really been trying to work on patience. Some elders won't work as hard or as diligently as they should, and I know that I really need to develop patience with them. Also, I have to develop patience with myself since I'm not perfect. I know that my faith in Christ will help me develop more patience, hope, and charity, which I need to teach His gospel and also live as his devoted disciple.

Thank you so much for your prayers and your support. I love you all! Have any amazing week! :)

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