Monday, August 24, 2015

Cam kết MTC Week 7: Ups, downs, and all arounds!

Vietnamese word of the week: cam kết (Cam Kay-t!) (With Google Translate's nifty tones and characters this week! Yay!) As in commitment or to commit, as in "We must commit ourselves to the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be perfected."

This week was really rough. Like, REALLY rough. My companion and I lost an investigator. A roleplaying investigator at the MTC who's one of our teachers, and we lost him! Oi. You can bet that made us feel pretty down-hearted for a while. But, just as with Ammon and his brethen, when our hearts were depressed, the Lord helped us be comforted. Going through the latter half of the week and hearing all the devotionals put a new fire under me to love, serve, and do all that I can for the Lord and for this mission. Who knows? We might even get the investigator back this week. :)

TRC this week was pretty odd; we had no volunteers! Our teacher improvised, and we taught the lessons we prepared to each other. We mixed it up again this week, so I taught with Elder Luu instead of Elder Marshall, and we ended up teaching Elder Roberts (pictured behind me and with whom I taught last week). It was nice, but different than speaking to fluent Vietnamese volunteers.

Time is short, so I'm sorry, but I love you, I love the gospel, and I love the opportunity to serve a mission! Have a great week, and I'll try to write more next week! Sorry I ran out of time!

God be with you till we write again!

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